Monday, February 05, 2007

Zuigia Farewell Concert

Over the last couple of years we have been blessed by three unlikely guys from the US (Hawaii, Texas and the "Four Corners") who make up the band "Zuigia". They have had a remarkable music ministry to high school students and church youth. Australia has one of the highest teen male suicide rates in the world, if not he highest. So their ministry of love and acceptance, found in Jesus and lived out in their own lives, has had a real resonance with their young, and not so young audiences.

With the three guys going in different directions (though one will continue the Zuigia ministry) they played a farewell concert last night at Frenchs Forest Baptist Church. Here are some clips of the evening, put to a couple of their own songs - thanks Greg.


gledwood said...

googbyes are always painful ... goodbyes of all types ...

i found yours by chance hopping out of mine. i'm at

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take it easy now!


Anonymous said...

softly flowing with delicate Sino-American charm, whether from design or temperament are many big names can not match. Winter passed,