Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bastille Day in Dunolly

The discussion about small towns is entirely appropriate given I have spent the last week visiting a few of them. On Saturday evening I had the good fortune to sit around an open fire in the Cockatoo Cafe in Dunolly. It was near freezing outside so the fire was a good start. Even more rewarding was the warmth of the company, and the sparkling atmosphere created by the trio called Continental Drift - their range of folk and gypsy music from Turkey, Araby (!), Russia, Ireland and any other number of points had our feet tapping. And of course songs from France and some lyrics in French to suit the occasion of the 14th of July. Mix all that with the general din of chat, families connecting, children playing, good food and wine, and reminiscing, without being maudlin, about our good friend, son, brother, partner Jonathan, and it crossed my mind on more than one occasion during the evening that there are things country folk know that city folk never do (apologies Banjo). If we could recreate that family warmth, connection, hospitality, and joy of life found this evening in the Cockatoo Cafe in our cities we would probably never want to leave them!


Kate said...

Bruce we didnt really get a chance to chat I think that I was running around most of the night making sure that everyone had been fed enough. Thankyou for taking the time to come and join with us all. I think that we had a night of "Top quality" to everyone who attended it is great to know that we can continue some of the networking that JD spent so much time on. Have a wonderful trip home and talk soon. Kate

Jasmin xx said...

was gonna say the exact same thing


mum beat me to it though

i didnt even know she had an account.

anyway, it was good to meet you

♥Jazz xxx

Pickled Eel said...

Hi Jazz,
You made me laugh - Mums are always full of surprises. That is why they are Mums!!
Still watching that site of yours to see the next entry!