Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Blogging Traffic Tool - Maybe Worth A Look

I don't normally have the patience to bother messing around with the tools that supposedly promote, expose, advertise or otherwise make claims to broaden the readership of this blog. On the other hand something that claims to do all those things without me doing much more than inserting some html is worth at least a shot. And for no cost. Click here to be taken to Blogrush and a video that explains it better than I can and in less time than I could.


John said...

Hi Eel
This sounded interesting, but after reading a couple of posts on the ProBlogger Tips blog (see this post and this one), I've decided to steer clear for the moment - if for no other reason than that it won't fit with my blog's colour scheme (as the widget isn't yet customisable) and it is rather large.
More importantly though, the actual click-through rate (on links to your blog appearing on others' blogs) seems to be quite low.

Pickled Eel said...

Uncanny timing - an email in immediately prior to this was promoting their new colour schemes. So there will be some options there it seems. As for click through rates we will have to wait and see. They say its low since they are working on stopping bloggers who tried to cheat it (I am not sure what they are actually doing) and once fixed rates will improve. I have tried and dropped a few referral tools before - if this does not shape up it goes the same way as those. In the meantime I will stick with the writing:-)

John said...

I'll wait for the customisations then.
What do you think of the relevance to your content of the links appearing in the widget? As some commentators have said, this can only get better as more blogs join up.
I suspect however that with blogs like yours and mine,which deal with a wide variety of topics, content matching is a difficult task. I've found this to be a constant problem, for instance, with Google Adsense.

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