Thursday, November 08, 2007

Eating Squirrels in New Jersey

For those of who are not Americans, and/or who live outside of the CONUS there is a quip which explains the quirky, bizarre and just plain weird. It is simply "only in the US", usually said in a condescending tone, the combination of which helps the listener understand that there is a rational reason for the weirdness. Most commonly used when referring to the escapades of Hollywood. Here is one from the other coast that falls in that basket though. It goes something like this:

False alarm: New Jersey says it's once again safe to eat squirrels. Earlier warnings about excessive lead in the rodents that live near one of the Garden State's toxic waste sites was caused by a malfunctioning blender that they used to "process the squirrel's tissue samples," according to the federal government. Full article under this title:

Have no fear New Jerseyans, the toxic waste hasn't made it unsafe to eat squirrels after all

So what is the "only in the US" element hidden in this article? The squirrel element of course. Everyone else would be concerned about the toxins, real or imagined. Here the city council are pleased to announce squirrel is back on the menu!


Mishka said...

I just love your blog and your photos....I have a picture from the CuChi Tunnels that is very similar to yours (but with me in it of course). Anyhow, I have added you as a link because I enjoy your posts so much.

On a side note, I volunteer with Google on the Blogger Help Boards, and I just thought I would mention that the TOS section for Picasa and Google is pretty explicit on how they can use your pictures for their own good and I didn't know if you were aware. They are really nice pics and I would hate to see you lose out because some third party decided that they had copyright on them as well. Let me know if you want a link to the article that explains it all.

Greg Horning said...

Amazing. Instead of taming and training them, they're eating them. Only in America is right.

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