Friday, April 13, 2007

Blogger's Choice

There is always a degree of scepticism in the blogging world which is always healthy. Well, skepticism in my own blogging world at least. Competitions and promotions are as much about feeding someone else traffic as getting exposure for yourself and more often than not they are promotional tools that take you up the same filthy dead end track that we used to find out the back of Trotters Gorge (NZ). (Google Earth 45°24'14.83"S 170°46'49.99"E. You can see the open camping area. The trout, lazing in water as clear as your bottled distilled stuff, and in the shade of the foot bridge, are just out of view. Clear in my memory though). If you had told me in 1970, as I ran loose in this Gorge, that more than 30 years later I could "walk" up it via satellite (or other) imagery and from a desk in Australia I would have thought you insane. Who wanted to live in Australia?!

I digress, though I dip my lid to "travel". Like a good security plan any online strategy has to be a consideration about trade-offs that you have to make. So here we go - Pickled Eel is out there with nomination for the Best Travel Blog in the Blogger's Choice Awards. To vote, and I would love it if you did, you will need to go to Blogger's Choice site, create an account (basically user name and password), log on and vote for this Blog. And if you can't be bothered doing that, at least get into Google Earth and have a fly around Trotters Gorge. You might see a bunch of ten year old boys in long shorts and no shoes having the time of their lives.