Monday, April 02, 2007

Two Ducks on a Wall

Art is such a strange thing. Why does one piece grab you and another not? Who knows? At an art exhibition held by Malkara Special School in Canberra years ago this little piece leapt off the wall at me. Drawn by a young kid, I love the clean lines and the balance of the whole thing. But especially that the birds ( I prefer to think of them as ducks) have such earnest intent. Heading off somewhere only they know. Wing motion nicely balanced between the two. And the second one with a smile on his face. Its a clean, minimalist piece that plenty of professionals would work hard to equal.

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Nike Free Run 2 said...

Bow flat sandals, rainy secret weapon in the foot, two-tone butterfly knot design, a strong sense of three-dimensional, hit the color sense, the Angels of rain, sunny honey female.