Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Desert Bath

I can't help myself - interrupting the travelogue that has been running for the last few weeks to inject something a little more delightful than my own musings about Europe or the USA. My brother, who spent most of his younger years running around the world doing "boys own" stuff, now has married and has his real own baby to play with. Clearly he is pretty delighted with that, as this photo shows. Now the manager at Timber Creek in the Northern Territory (Ayers Rock, Kakadu, Crocodile Dundee, Darwin and all that) my brother has ample opportunity to tour around that rather dramatic part of the country. Lugging his baby along with him who clearly does not seem to mind a bath in a utility bucket. Both are as pleased as each other given their circumstances. This kid may well grow up to be another Croc Dundee if my brother has anything to do with it. Sister in law may have another view altogether. In the meantime I love seeing the pleasure on their faces in the simple circumstances in which they are camping. I need to get up there myself. Soon!

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