Monday, June 18, 2007

Paul Potts Wins

It has been a meteoric rise for Paul Potts, the Welsh cell phone salesman with the dodgy teeth. Last night he won the talent contest (Britains Got Talent) in which he caught everyone's imagination (and emotion) when he sang Nessun Dorma. Video clip here. There has been a lot of churlish stuff out there about how he does not measure up to the greats (it is easier to tear down that to build up, after all). But my sentiment about seeing an underdog get up still stands. And I love his win all the more for his:
  • modesty,
  • appreciation of the public support,
  • apparent genuine surprise at the public support
  • ignoring the disbelief of the judges, though he could see it in their faces (and we could see the hurt in his),
  • lack of pretension
  • complete lack of any pop idol imagery, preening, or strutting,
  • lack of any sense that the world owes him anything (item above refers),
  • having a go,
  • ignoring any post performance detractors,
  • ability to evoke all that emotion in the audience, and the rest of us,
  • loving the ride (the bus (on a rollercoaster) he does not want to get off),
  • his surprise at the results in each three "sing-offs"
  • hangdog face (behind which I suspect he has long learned to mask what he really thinks and feels), and
  • his new-found appointment to sing before the Queen.
Its all good and I feel very pleased for him. Bizarre isn't it - all the way around the other side of the world, of a nationality we Australians just love to beat in anything in which we are competing, and he is getting this response. The internet is a great lesson in how our humanity is connected, even at emotional levels - not just via our computers. Good on you Paul.


Mark Hutcherson said...

Even here in the United States, Paul Potts fever is catching hold of many unlikely people like me that never gave Opera music a second thought. However, after I heard Paul sing via YouTube, I was hooked and I can't wait to buy his new CD when it is released at the end of this month. From the U.K. to Australia all the way to the U.S. this young man has already touched the heart of millions of people.

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