Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The End of the Pickled Eel Blog - Almost

I have been working on transferring this blog to (this blogsite here) something that will give me a bit more flexibility in how I present my material. It is a work in progress (you will see I am still having some fun with the formatting) but it is finally at a point where I think a reader can survive navigating their way around the site.

I hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts if you have time to leave a comment.

The new blog is at

If you are an email subscriber please resubscribe on the new page - I am using a different email service to the one I use here. Assuming of course you continue to wish to have my posts drop into your inbox. THANKYOU.

Feel free to forward this on to anyone who you think might enjoy the occasional digression in their web reading.

The Last Post (if you have a bugle sound it now).


Mishka said...

I guess I will update my reader and my link on my blog roll...have fun at your new digs.

Pickled Eel said...

Thanks Mishka - hope you enjoy the new digs too.

Kitty said...

Hiya Mr Pickled Eel

Just found you, to find you are moving. Very cool, spoke with JD's mum and dad today and they told me about your work.

Thank you very much for your ... words.

This is me, drop me an email if you would like to know a few funny JD adventures from WA.


tweb said...

Best of Luck with the new format!

Bond said...

Interesting blog..will check out your new site also

Thanks for visiting The Couch

Debo Hobo said...

Moving can be fun and exciting and a headache sometimes. Have fun!

Bankrtupcy Lawyer Finder said...

Moving from blogger to a self hosted platform is such a liberating event. I did it for my site over a year ago, now I'm just trying to convince my wife!

Lisa said...

Reminds me of a similar (more explicit picture) headed "Africa's up in the ass".


Luxury holidays in The Maldives said...

Best of luck getting to grips with your new blog, i'm sure you'll pick a good format. Best of luck

Coach Hire said...


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Goissimo said...

Hi, good decision, i hope all goes well for you and we will most definatly be visiting your new site

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