Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sydney Storm

Some dogs smell them coming and hide under the hedge. Others smell them coming and spin on their chains in insane, barely comprehensible excitement. I relate to the latter. Standing in the middle of a cracking storm is an almost spiritual experience. In fact I suspect it is - completely. Sprinkled, hosed down, baptised with a thorough deluge that hammers every sense. It does help if it is a tropical storm and the rain is warm. But being caught in a storm of any sort sharpens the senses, gets "up your fur" and makes you feel very much alive. Sadly for this one I had to settle for the office window today - though 45 minutes earlier I had been out under a clear and sunny sky eating lunch. This photo (courtesy of Fergus Woolveridge at the Sydney Morning Herald) catches the storm that hit our office this afternoon - and it is hitting right where our office is. A remarkable burst of sudden rain from a ruptured black tank above us. No warning, no spitting, leaking drips. Just a boom and a splash, and you're on your way home for a change of clothes if you didn't see it coming.


Mishka said...

That is amazing....I love storms. I am always out in the weather right before one hits absorbing the energy and I can be found taking pictures or video during our numberous typhoons...

Pickled Eel said...

Hello Mishka - it was a cracker of a storm. I think you are right - there is something about the energy (contained (barely) violence) that is entrancing. Captivating even.

MyFlightBlog said...

Wow, Amazing photo.

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