Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Same but Different

Ecoli left a comment at Backyard Beasts. He referred to the thong as an effective weapon in the control of and, if necessary, the destruction of potentially lethal spiders. For the sake of clarity for our US readership it is worth noting that “thong” in this part of the world means a piece of footwear. Something you might wear in summer. Something with which to beat up on spiders. As these pictures show, they are entirely different pieces of clothing. And, reference the Victoria's Secret model, I am not talking about the wings, bracelets, stockings or shoes.

But they are similar in some respects as well. For example...

Both are spelled the same way.
Both can be worn to the beach.
Both should be worn to the beach.
Both get sand on them.
Both are, from my personal experience, popular in Waikiki.

I am just never sure which piece of clothing I prefer.

(and just to expand the cultural dimension of this post, New Zealanders call the said piece of footwear a jandal. Huh?!)

Thanks to Victoria's Secret. And to ecoli for sparking the thought. Our next post will be on the difference between scones and biscuits. If anyone can find some artistic pictures for me.


Martijn said...

That;s some goodlooking piece off ass. Who is that?

Are you a hippie that you like these slippers?

Do you wear them?

Anonymous said...

The readers of pickled eel should be corrected on the humble ozie thong. The type pictured is a type rarely worn, and any self respecting Australian wouldn't be seen dead in. Leather is quiet rightly reserved for sandles and like Martijn said are worn by hippies. Rubber is my preferred material for thongs.

Time Line of the thong (the type worn on the feet)

3000BC Egyptians wear early versions of thongs made from papyrus or palm leaves.

1957 New Zealander Maurice Yock invents the "jandal", believed to be the first thong with a rubber sole.

2000 During the Sydney Olympic Games closing ceremony, Kylie Minogue is hauled towards centre stage on a giant thong.

2002 Sarah Michelle Gellar wears thongs with her wedding dress as she marries Freddie Prinze Jr.

2004 American super twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen put their name behind a pair of sheepskin-lined thongs, perfect for a mild winter.

Finally I agree with martijn thats some nice ass. I think that's my wife.


Anonymous said...

Hu dunk the early years of Japanese lords of pure gold gold の Hu to show off the strength, limited to 180 pairs. Think up the rise of hip-hop culture since the late 1970s, include DK, MC, graffiti and B-boy style.