Friday, January 12, 2007

Whale on Toast

When building a company there are more nights than I care to remember when I lie awake wondering how this or that will resolve itself. Or be resolved. I learned early on that attempting to deal with issues as I perceived them in the dark hours was never a clever thing to do - some things just never get a proper perspective without the sun being up. That perspective usually presents problems in a significantly reduced magntude. (Mind you there are some sparks of inspiration that happen in the middle of the night as well and some answers have hurredly been written down before I drop back to sleep - and potential forgetfulness).
So I laughed out loud when I saw this from cartoonist Leunig. He hits the nail on the head nicely. I can relate to his whale of the dark hours being the sardine on toast at breakfast all too well.
(Clicking on the image will get you a better resolution version)


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